Special Employee/Student Shoutout!

CMSM would like to highlight a very special person here at our campus: Chanin Storm. Chanin started with us as a student in our Full Time Program June 26, 2017. She came to us wanting a new path to follow. She had been teaching college courses for years and she wanted a more dependable, stable job with more flexibility for herself and her family. Soon after starting our course, she realized that she wanted to go all in with us here at CMSM and started working in the Admissions Department. So for the next several months, Chanin challenged herself in class, clinic, and the Admissions Department, most of the time putting in 12 hour days of hard work and determination, propelling herself closer to her goal of becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and a central staff member at CMSM!


We are indebted to Chanin for all of the experience she has brought us from the education field and from her keen eye as a student. She has become an extremely valuable member of our team and we are so proud of her for making her dreams come true!


So here’s to you, Chanin: we appreciate all of your hard work both in and outside of the classroom! Now go kick that Maryland JP Exam in the butt!