Featured Faculty: Tammie Carter

CMSM Tammie Carter FF Jan 2017.jpgTammie Carter, LMT, graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage. She is passionate about what she teaches her students as an instructor at Central Maryland School of Massage.

How long have you been practicing massage therapy?
Since 2011.

What is your favorite modality to teach?
I enjoy teaching all mods because students are excited to learn and ask a lot of questions and everything is so new to them.

What would you tell someone who is considering massage therapy school?
As a massage therapist, I enjoy every day I go to work.

What is one thing you wish you had known before you became a massage therapist?
How rewarding it is to help others and see a smile after you have worked on your client.

Name one person who has had an impact on your life and explain why:
My mother. She is the strongest person I know.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at Central Maryland School of Massage and why?
Meeting students who are excited to learn.

Vacation…beach, woods, desert, or mountains?
Beach and woods. I love Maryland because I can drive to the beach within hours. I love Michigan, where I’m originally from, because I can walk through the woods.

Favorite meal?
Maryland crab and beer.

Favorite quote?
Do more of what makes you happy.

Describe your most significant interaction with a client or student:
When a student finally becomes confident I their massage abilities and lets their instinct take over.

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