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CMSM requires that we have a copy of your high school transcripts or GED on file, regardless of your level of education.

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Licensing Restrictions Related to "Good Moral Character":

Video and Photography Release Agreement:

Occasionally staff of the Central Maryland School of Massage photograph or video tapes our classes.  These materials enable us to maintain a video library for the staff and students to use as review or to make up classes.  These materials may also be used in CMSM’s marketing, advertising and social media.    I hereby certify and acknowledge that photographs/videos will be taken, and I understand that only photographs and videos deemed appropriate by the Central Maryland School of Massage will be used in the final production.  I do hereby consent that the photographs may be used.  I also understand that right to use any videos produced by CMSM is for the sole purpose of my learning and that I may not copy them for resale.


I verify that I have considered my health and ability to complete a program in massage therapy at Central Maryland School of Massage and will not hold CMSM liable for any pre-existing conditions that may limit my ability to perform massage. I understand that all student records are strictly confidential and are kept permanently on file in the school administrative offices. Student records are only available to the individual student, CMSM administrative and teaching staff, and Federal and State Education officials.

I have completed this application to the best of my knowledge and I state that the information given here is true and correct.

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